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Why get a Centaur heated blanket dryer?

Solid design that is built to deal with bumps and knocks Keep wet blankets out of your home Wheeled base for easy repositioning Protect your blankets’ waterproof coatings from clothes dryer damage Extend your blankets’ lifespan Dry blankets in one position, no rotating necessary Can hose/wash your blankets on the dryer saving laundry bills. (Ensure product is unplugged and element is covered)
How much money can you save

"They are a lovely team and I have wanted to work with them for a while since I tried out one of the dryers. They come in different sizes and will dry 2, 4 or 6 rugs at a time depending on the model selected. They will all dry soaking wet rugs in just a few hours which is so useful as you can imagine for any of us! It’s also a great convenience for us on the yard as it saves time and cuts out waiting for days at a time for rugs to dry in cold and wet weather. Thank you for the opportunity Centaur"

- Charlotte Dujardin - OBE

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Flash SALE! - Huge Reductions - Limited Stock - Order Today